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Accounting and Taxation

If you don’t think this is exciting then you can always try ignoring it for a while and see just how exciting and heart-stopping it can become for you and your business. We have a better idea. Bring it to us and we’ll apply the technology, expertise and advice to make sure you are taking advantage of every possible benefit you can.


Our core services include...



We’re good at this, from the specialised taxation advice via taxation databases, specialist lawyers and accountants in the Tax & GST fields right through to the final decimal point on the preparation and electronic filing of tax returns.


Monthly Reporting

Key to good business management is accurate and regular reporting, and key to that of course is making sure those reports are asking the right questions so you have the relevant information. We are able to offer you advice and financial statements in various formats on a monthly basis or on a schedule tailored specifically for you…complete with the right questions.


Cashflow Projections

We’re pretty sure you have enough drama and adrenalin-surging moments in your life without adding cashflow management to the list. We, on the other hand, are built of stern stuff, which means all you have to do to access this essential business tool is come in see us. Feel better already?


GST Advice

Contrary to popular belief GST does not stand for Go Spend Today. With both our founding directors involved with GST since its inception we have developed a detailed understanding of both the GST system and compliance methods. We can prepare returns for clients and, or, train clients and their staff on compliance. Keeping your GST in line is what will allow you to Go Spend Tomorrow.


System Support

MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks aren’t just words for us, they’re systems that allow you a whole lot of control over your day to day business and we are in the happy position of being able to provide our clients with extensive support in this area.

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