Rodgers & Co
Management Consultancy

Extensive experience at senior management level of large businesses gives Rodgers & Co a decided edge in providing strategic and detailed advice.

Boards of directors, management and shareholders rely on that advice to grow the profitability, add value and minimise liability in their business.

Our senior directors sit on various Boards of Directors throughout New Zealand, providing substantive support at both governance and management level.


Our core services include…

Business Planning

Like you we know that planning and forecasting to meet strategic and operational objectives are key to the ongoing success and growth of your business so helping you do this is a very important part of ours. But we don’t stop there. We’ll also help develop the strategy you need to measure and monitor your business’s progress so that at any point you’ll know exactly where your business is at any point so you keep on track.


Company Management

If you need advice on company management we have the person who can provide just that. Michael Ambrose has extensive experience in senior management across the manufacturing sector, handling all aspects of general management from finance, planning and human resources through to production and sales and marketing. Michael’s experience and involvement with a hugely diverse industry base continues to pay dividends to our clients.


Acquisitions & Sales

Buying or selling requires the same in-depth scrutiny and advice to assess the viability and optimal structure for changes of ownership. Either way you’ll want to know that you’re buying or selling at the best possible price and conditions. That’s where we come in…


Succession Planning

Much as we hate to admit that the world will continue to spin without our input there is a very strong possibility it will. We can’t help much with that but we can help you set the succession plan that will allow you to retire in the strongest possible financial position. Our job is not to decide when you’ll retire, but plan how well you’ll retire.


Family Trusts

There are few, if any, subjects in financial planning that offer more unsolicited, and often inaccurate, advice than Family Trusts. All that will I or won’t I, should I or shouldn’t I back and forth can be exhausting, and quite frankly a little boring. We can short cut all that with a qualified, experienced and practical approach to your individual situation. We’ll then follow that up on how best to plan your estate, tax and the long-term creation of wealth. We find our clients appreciate and benefit from informed decision-making a whole lot better than a shot in the dark from their cousin’s sister’s aunt who “has it on good authority.”


Property Investment

Successful commercial or residential property investment takes a cool head and an impartial eye to assess and maximise the benefits and minimise the risks. Rodgers & Co specialise in cool heads and impartial eyes…we had a large number of them when we last looked…and they’re here to support you through the planning, structuring (including LTC set-up) and completion of end of year accounting and taxation.


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