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As one of our founding directors Russell has more than 25 years of experience in bringing your accounting requirements to heel. His very broad knowledge of business, with particular expertise and interest in business and trust structures, taxation, profit building and trans-Tasman business, structures and taxation and asset and retirement planning, means there is not much that surprises him. Russell is a member of both the New Zealand and Australian Institutes of Chartered Accountants so he’s not easily frightened.

Mobile: (021) 456 441


Heading the Aged Care Division, Michael is a Director in Rodgers & Co and a member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants, the NZ Institute of Management and the Institute of Directors. Michael’s comprehensive knowledge of Chartered Accounting, corporate reconstruction and management, and experience in the commercial sector as General Manager of a major manufacturing company is more impressive than his golf handicap which pleases our clients no end.

Involved in management consultancy, strategic work and restructure for many clients, Michael also actively manages several client companies, is a highly regarded board member of a diverse number of companies and organisations and is a business advisor to an equally wide range of companies throughout New Zealand.

Mobile: (027) 229 9297

JOHN SMALL - Director

John has been a Director of Rodgers and Co since 2010 and has more than 15 years experience in a Chartered Accountancy environment. He is a fully qualified member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants and holds a Public Practice Certificate. John is involved in all aspects of public practice with particular interest in tax planning, business structures and accounting solutions. We agree it’s not the same as having a lifelong passion for splitting the atom but like our other clients we think you’ll find his skills a whole lot more useful in keeping your particular world running smoothly.

When John’s not whipping your business into shape he’s either indulging in his love of sports or spending time keeping track of what his two rapidly growing daughters are up to.

Mobile: (027) 421 9839

ANDREA ZAHN - Associate Director

Andrea is a shareholder in the company, and as she’s inordinately shrewd about commercial viability that tells us we must be doing quite well by our clients. Andrea gained her accounting qualification as a management accountant in her native Germany and moved to New Zealand in 2004. Her solid background in accounting, finance and IT has been put to good use here, leading the team in the Aged Care Division. On the rare occasion we allow her to see the light of day she makes a break for the great outdoors, hiking or biking through the back country.


YVETTE TUCKER - Senior Accountant

Yvette is a Senior Accountant with a BCom in Accounting. She works primarily for Russell on company, partnership and sole trader accounts, preparing end of year financial statements, tax and GST returns.

We’re not entirely sure what she did to deserve this but Yvette assures us that her love of swimming, running, movies and cross-stitch, sometimes simultaneously, can usually set her up for another day in the office with Russell.


ANDREW PRYCE – Senior Accountant

andrew Andrew joined the team in February to help with the outnumbered male situation in the office.  

Born and bred Southlander, Andrew has been based in Christchurch for the past 9 years.

He is a Chartered Accountant and brings with him a wide variety of skills and experience from his aptitude for technology based accounting solutions and implementing these to best fit your business, to his more recent commercial accounting adventures which meant heavy involvement in the operational facet of businesses.

When he’s not stuck in the office, Andrew enjoys the outdoors, a good game of hockey or golf and he’s also been known to partake in the odd MTB and Trail running events.


LISA WALDRON - Senior Accountant

Lisa joined the firm from Hokitika in 2008, bringing with her seven years of tax and accounting experience in a Chartered Accounting environment and a West Coast no holds barred approach to preparing financial statements, tax returns and GST...primarily for our Aged Care Division. She holds the New Zealand Diploma in Business and works four days a week for us and seven days a week caring for her two young children, Mikayla & Jayden.

Those of you who have correctly added this up to an 11 day week and decided it makes perfect sense are either parents themselves (and therefore understand the equation) or really need our help.


JENNY ROUNTREE – Senior Accountant

Jenny has a BCom in Accounting and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, bringing extensive accounting experience in the business service sector. Jenny provides advise and accounting services to our clients in our Aged Care Division.

When it’s not about work it’s all about family and Jenny has been involved in many community and school groups over the years and is kept busy with her two teenage daughters.


JEAN-MARIE GALBREATH - Senior Accountant

team-jeanmarieJean-Marie joined the team in March 2013 working in our Aged Care Division, bringing with her 10 years of accounting experience and her membership to the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountant.

Jean-Marie enjoys dancing, shopping and reading but has yet to master the art of doing these simultaneously.  She also enjoys playing the piano and in the interests of keeping our team happy we will be craning one into our office so she can lead us all in a sing-along.  

We anticipate requests from visiting clients will include  “No tax no cry” “Born to run” and that all time accounting classic “I will survive.”

PAM DAVIDSON – Senior Accountant

team-carolynHaving spent all her working life to date in the Chartered Accountant environment, Pam decided that she was resilient enough to work for Rodgers & Co.

That resilience was further reinforced with her being born in Oamaru where she had to chip the frost off her toast on winter mornings, before moving to Rotorua to take advantage of the free thermal heat.

She blames her husband for the move to Christchurch but is making the most of it by applying all her skills in business studies and as an ACA with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, to Rodgers & Co clients.

Having lived in both the North and South Islands she has allocated her family accordingly, with two sons in the North Island and the rest of the family in the South.

A keen cyclist and walker, Pam is enjoying the beautiful playground that is her new home - Rolleston.

HARPREET KAUR – Assistant Accountant

team-carolynWith a Masters of Commerce Degree from India, Harpreet moved to New Zealand in February 2015 and is diligently working her way toward earning her CA qualification since getting her Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in accounting from Ara Institute of Canterbury.

MEGAN CRISP – Junior Accountant

team-carolynMegan is diligently working her way toward earning her CA qualification since getting her BCom majoring in accounting and taxation.

With enough skills to frighten our clients into submission Megan has become an invaluable member of the Rodgers & Co team.

We have high hopes for Megan, hoping to blend her naturally generous and accommodating nature with the small amount of firmness needed to persuade our clients that tax is a constant and attention-seeking companion.

Megan has become an invaluable member of the Rodgers & Co team, but of course we have to let her go home sometimes so when she’s not in the office she enjoys travelling, kayaking and relaxing at the family bach.

ROBYN BOYD - Accounting Clerk

Robyn joined Rodgers & Co in September 2008 and now works primarily for Russell and John on company, partnership and sole trader accounts. She is usually found head down in end of year financial statements and tax returns. Her expertise with company and tax administration including filing of liquidations, annual returns, alterations to Companies Office records, provisional and terminal tax is nothing short of frighteningly efficient. Russell and John have wisely decided their job is to keep a safe distance during this process.



HELEN SHERIFF - Personal Assistant

Helen is PA to Russell, Michael and John, and is in charge of both office administration and our payroll division. The penalty for upsetting Helen is having our paperclip allocation cut and staples deliberately inserted upside down in our staplers.

Our clients know her as our first point of contact in our office and the only one who can correctly pinpoint the precise geographic location of Russell, Michael or John at any given time. We suspect (but cannot prove) she has had them micro-chipped.


GERALDINE RODGERS - Office Administrator

Gerry handles office administration and management, including data administration. This keeps the office, and us, running like the well oiled machine it (and we) are.

We’re not entirely sure how Gerry does all those things that make this happen and quite frankly we’re a bit reluctant to delve too deeply into the operational mysteries of Rodgers & Co. We’re not willing to risk any collusion with Helen on the paperclip and staple racket.



Yes, this is you. You come in all shapes and sizes with a diverse range of temperaments and inclinations ranging from someone with a good grasp on their business to those for whom the basic principles of accounting is something that will continue to elude them all their life.

Fortunately we are designed for both ends of the spectrum. We don’t much care if you bring us your accounts, neatly notated and colour-coded in crisp plastic files in chronological order or in the Arnott Biscuit Tin that has now found secondary employment as the repository for all those receipts you know will come in handy one day.

What we care about is making sure your life is just that much better for being our client.

This is Rodgers & Co – and that’s what we do.

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