Sonter Automotive


Sonter Automotive are a locally owned family business in Wigram, Christchurch, first established in 2003. Their vision is to be the most trusted automotive workshop in New Zealand.

The team like to surround themselves with like minded people, so when owner Shane Conlan was taken out for a coffee in 2003 with Russ from Rodgers & Co, life changing decisions were made. Shane recalls the day he partnered with Rodgers & Co..
"We would not be here if Rodgers & Co hadn’t come on board, it was pivotal turning point in my career and future for my family”.

His business decisions back then were made with confidence and complete trust, having Russ steer them in a direction they never thought possible. Shane soon purchased the building and set the business up, which in hindsight was the best move ever.

“We take pride in all of our work and have built our reputation on exceptional communication, quality repairs, and being honest with our customers” says Shane. The team understand that as a customer you have the right to choose where you spend your money, and coming to Sonter Automotive means the assurance of no hidden costs, no surprises and all exceptions will be run past you first. Shane gets most of his business from word of mouth, 60% of which is commercial…

”They need to trust what we do, and we treat every job like it’s our last”.

Shane talks about the key benefits of having Rodgers & Co by their side through the thick and thin. “They take the stress out of my business, it’s as simple as that. I can just get on with what I’m good at, on the tools and looking after our customers. It’s the other side of the business I can just give to Rodgers & Co”.

During the COVID-19 lock down and following months, Andrew Pryce gave confidence to Shane that he had the knowledge and skills to keep everything afloat. The trust that has built between them now is undeniable.

Quarterly, Andrew catches up with Shane and presents a report, outlining a summary of his financial results to budget, considers non-financial and financial impacts of internal policies, discusses governance and risk mitigation strategies and supports any other business decisions required. This gives Shane great confidence in Rodgers & Co processes. “Rodgers & Co are always working behind the scenes on my business and it’s incredibly comforting that they have my back both short and long term” says Shane... “Having that extra pair of eyes is incredibly comforting for a business owner, making sure nothing can slip by.”

Shane reflects… “If I was to sum up one word that Rodgers & Co have created for me, it would be 'empowerment' “.

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sonter automotive

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Christchurch 03 348 0500

2/2 Musgrove Close,
Wigram, Christchurch

Egmont Commercial


Mark and Katy Packman, owners of Egmont Commercial, New Zealand's leading horticultural supplier, have been long standing clients of Rodgers & Co.

Over 26 years ago, Russ Rodgers started on the journey as their personal accountant and when they established the business 15 years ago, Russ became an integral part of the success that Egmont Commercial is today.

“We’ve developed trust and incredible respect for Rodgers & Co over the years. The responsibility and direction for the planning of our business comes down to the wealth of knowledge and expertise of Rodgers & Co. Maintaining a monthly meeting has been crucial in the success of the business. This has allowed us to drive forward with confidence having Rodgers & Co backing us along our journey. They have opened our business up to possibilities and opportunities outside of our safe zone, and their contacts have been invaluable for our growth and planning for the future. Our thought process has been challenged on many occasions and they keep us accountable.”

Expansion to offices in Auckland, and now importing from 15 countries around the world has come down to consistent goals and future planning.

“Integrity would be a word to sum up Rodgers & Co. Our success is based on our excellent team support, openness to learn and take advice and direction but mainly trust and that is why we have Rodgers & Co in our forefront on a monthly basis.”

The team at Rodgers & Co. are proud of the partnership that has continued to flourish with Egmont Commercial, and look forward to the next phase of growth for the business.

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Christchurch 03 349 5546
Auckland 09 838 2960

347 Marshs Road, Halswell, Christchurch


Artisan Bakehouse


Jason Scott, the owner of Artisan Bakehouse in Wigram, has a love of baking and a passion for producing quality traditionally fermented bread.

Jason Scott, owner of Artisan Bakehouse commenced his baking career doing the hard yards travelling to Ashburton from Christchurch each day to make garlic bread for ‘Cobb n Co’. From there he took on the contract, making the bread in Christchurch, then driving down to Ashburton every night to hand-deliver it. Relentless and exhausting for most, Jason had a fire in his belly and knew there were greater things in the future for him.

Five years on, Artisan Bakehouse Garlic Bread was established. Although turning over large volumes through supermarkets, Jason was just not getting to the level where he could step out of the business and work ‘on’ the business.

During this time Jason was referred to Rodgers & Co for his annual accounts, but as his business expanded, he knew it was time to really understand how his business ticked. From projections, a strategy going forward, and more support, Jason was seeking a confidence boost along with direction and advice. Rodgers & Co have continually added value in different ways, and Artisan Bakehouse has grown from strength to strength.

Every two months Jason and Andrew meet to discuss the business, reviewing targets, budgets and projects they set during the previous meeting. “It’s almost a mini snapshot of what’s happening. Easier to react after a two-month meeting than a yearly one, as by then it is too late to take action. Rodgers & Co are invested in your business, they want you to succeed. It’s not like the old days where I use to dread going to the accountant!” says Jason.

A key benefit of having Rodgers & Co as Jason’s accountant and business advisor is that if he calls or emails, his issue is dealt with quickly and professionally. “They are a great sounding board and they make it feel personal, that is they work with you rather than for you. I often get a text message from Andrew if he has noticed a supermarket chiller is half empty and he will prop up any package that is not facing the right way! I really appreciate that personal touch”.

Jason discusses different issues with Andrew, for example: what can we do with our rent, wages, taxes and wage subsidies? As it happened, following the Covid lockdown we had a turnaround with two big months.“We had held on to the subsidies for a couple of months just in case, before we discussed about giving it back”. During the Covid lockdown Jason had daily phone calls with Andrew, who he said was “Pretty much my right-hand man and during that time and our business increased by 40%. It was insane but we got through it with Andrew’s advice”.

Jason now also specialises in butters and has extended his range out to Sweet Chilli and Basil Pesto Garlic loaves.
“We are very excited about our new range of authentic sourdough garlic butter ciabattas, incredibly light and moreish, they will be hitting the supermarket chillers this Autumn.”

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Artisan Bakehouse

Contact Us

Christchurch 027 277 9100

45 Sonter Rd, Wigram, Christchurch


Queen Anne


Sarah Adams considers Rodgers & Co to be an integral part of her business and an extension of Queen Anne Chocolates

I have been involved with Rodgers & Co from the beginning of my business enterprise. When I left Ernest Adams in 1997 to set up my own business ( Sarah Adams Ltd) Russell looked after us for many years - through same challenging times. That support helped get us through to our current successes

Rodgers & Co team know the strengths and weaknesses of our business and have been able to support us through those changes. About 4 years ago we restructured our business, including changing our relationship from an annual accountancy function to an increased financial & business support. This also included the development of our monthly Board papers - a combination of financial reporting and key performance indicators. At this time we updated our financial package to Xero, which allowing the Rodgers & Co team to access and be actively involved in our financials on a day-to-day basis. Andrew Pryce took over as our financial and business consultant at this time and has worked closely with us since

Andrew & I have a formal Compass Advisory Board meeting on a monthly basis to review the financials before presenting to our Queen Anne Board. This has given us a level of financial structure which we didn’t have previously. Rodgers & Co provide us meeting facilities for when we have Christchurch based board meetings and Andrew regularly reports to our Board.

We have had a long relationship with Rodgers & Co, they have supported us through the change from contract manufacturing to setting up our own factory. Since our restructuring I have been freed up to focus on NPD and developing the business, with the confidence of having a strong financial support from Andrew his team. As a result of our restructuring and my focus on NPD Queen Anne has experienced significant growth year-on-year growth and I credit Rodgers & Co input ( especially Andrew as our financial consultant) for helping us achieve that. Now they are helping us manage a new set of challenges from that high growth.

I consider Andrew plus Rodgers & Co to be an integral part of our business and an extension of our Queen Anne team


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Queen Anne

Contact Us

Christchurch 0800 QueenA ( 0800 783 362)

+64 3 357 0085




At Motivationz, global innovation and creativity in coaching is at the heart of our world class coaching programmes. Rodgers & Co help with strategy and direction has played a huge part in their successful business.

Former international sports stars Anthony Beks Olympic Swimmer and Margie Foster Silver Fern created Motivationz which run a variety of innovative, quality coaching programmes in Netball, Swimming and Rugby available to any young person interested in improving their basic skills.
"We offer High Performance Academies in Schools, Coaching Workshops and Mentoring Programmes to help shape youth pathways in fun environments.

Back in 2002 Motivationz we were looking for an accountant that was going to be more proactive within our business - showing an interest in what we do and motivated to help us grow. We formed a relationship with Michael and have been with Rodgers ever since.

For us, the key benefits of working with Rodgers & Co. are their financial advice, business advice and growth strategy. We catch up every 2 months to go over our financial reports (budget, profit/loss, balance sheet, cash flow and business strategy) which is great to keep us on track and also accountable for our actions."

They provide a professional and friendly service, and genuinely care about your business. They are always there to help and answer questions and inquiries in a very effective and efficient manner.

Their help with strategy and direction has played a huge part in helping our business grow over the last 19 years. Without Rodgers And Co we would not be in a position to employ the staff members we do.

"At Motivationz we provide dynamic School, Term and Holiday Programmes for all future champions! Call Motivationz and we will teach you what it really takes in the 21st century to produce more winners, more champions more often."


Motivationz mission is to enhance lives through building confidence and self-belief.


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Christchurch 021 222 6340


Launch Foundation/Freedom Built


Registered charity, The Launch Foundation has one purpose: to set up young people for a better future.

Cole Askew, director of family-led house building company, Freedom Built, saw a need to help and support underprivileged youths across Christchurch and wider Canterbury, who were living with less opportunities and support in their lives.

Taking a step back in time…20 years to be precise, Cole’s parents Grant and Karen Askew were introduced to Russ (Rodgers). With a bucket-load of energy and aspirational ideas, Russ was the rock that took the Askew family to the next level safely!

With Russ’s fatherly figure approach, Grant and Karen were able to expand the building company and explore other business ventures. Coming through the ranks was son Cole who also had great vision. The business expanded in another direction and it was time to bring in Andrew Pryce with his hands-on, modern approach and clear direction.

Cole has monthly catch-ups with Andrew which cover cashflow, forecasting, and planning plus regular weekly calls. ‘An aspect I love about Rodgers & Co is their sense of humour, we have a laugh, its not your typical accounting firm’ says Cole.

‘What I also really appreciate about Rodgers & Co is that they tell you what you need to know, and our family has lent on this experience and confidence over the years in business.”

Four years ago while having a pint at the pub, Cole had a brainwave to create Launch Foundation with the help of his mother Karen. Its purpose is to help underprivileged youth in the Canterbury region. “We thought it would be cool to set something up at a grassroots level. Helping to fund where government weren't looking at or helping with," says Cole.

A key funding avenue for the Launch Foundation is with its relationship with Freedom Built and its networks of tradesmen and suppliers to have a house built as cost effectively as possible, selling it, with the proceeds donated to the foundation allowing the charity to distribute grants to various entities that fit within the core values of the foundation. With a proper structure and all legalities covered, The Launch Foundation was born. Over 50 businesses have been involved, providing heavily discounted building materials, and can be thanked for helping at risk children and youth who are suffering from the effects of poverty, abandonment, crime, addiction and mental illness.
The house, in Goulds Estate, Rolleston, is now finished and has just been sold for a tidy $255,000 profit. The Launch Foundation has benefited from these funds being donated to the charity and have now put those funds to good use via their four partnering charities: Two of which are Aviva - helping communities to live free from violence, and Graeme Dingle Foundation helping children build self-esteem and promote good values.

“It has been humbling to be chosen”, Aviva general manager Gwenda Kendrew said. "The bulk of the money we want to put towards our youth programmes - to be able to get the resources whether that's staffing, materials or venues to run them. They are going to be longer term and will hopefully have a really good impact."

After meeting Kendrew and hearing all about Aviva, Karen Askew said they had to support them. "I think Aviva was one of the first charities that we came across... helping children through family and sexual violence.... so it was a no-brainer.”


Rodgers & Co look forward to the future growth of Freedom Build and supporting the Launch Foundation, an inspiration family business with a big heart and a mind set for change.

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Launch Foundation
Freedom Build

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Christchurch 027 532 4547

Sales enquiries 027 303 2245


Mosaic Property Management

Amanda's real estate journey began early, influenced by her family's background in the industry. Her interest in properties and investments sparked at 20 when she purchased her first property. Guided by her father's mentorship and a commitment to quality and value, Amanda's approach was underpinned by putting clients first.

Venturing to Australia for thirteen years, Amanda's journey saw her build a real estate career, become a mother, and establish a property management business. She worked with franchise companies, gaining invaluable experience. These years served as the crucible in which her proficiency in property management was forged. Her commitment to exceptional communication and service excellence echoes her core beliefs - “Would this meet the standards for my own property?” and “As an owner myself, would I find this service satisfactory?” These principles are the driving force propelling Amanda to consistently deliver top-tier service to her clients.

Returning to New Zealand, Amanda founded Mosaic Property Management, blending her expertise and values. With a client-centric focus, she continues to reshape property management, embodying a legacy of dedication and innovation.

A pivotal influence on Amanda's professional journey has been her partnership with Rodgers & Co, a beacon of innovation in the field of accounting. “What sets Rodgers & Co apart is their ability to transcend the conventional accountant stereotype. Possessing a refreshing blend of professionalism and approachability, they extend beyond mere facts and figures, effortlessly communicating complex concepts with a lighthearted sense of humour, breaking them down into easily digestible terms.”

The decision to entrust Rodgers & Co with her financial affairs was motivated by several compelling factors. As Amanda returned to New Zealand, she found herself navigating a novel tax landscape after her Australian sojourn. Rodgers & Co's reputation, amplified through glowing recommendations resonated with her. Their down-to-earth approach, aligning seamlessly with Amanda's own values, solidified the decision.

Amanda's voyage from Christchurch to the establishment of Mosaic Property Management is an odyssey underscored by resilience, passion, and a pursuit of excellence. Her collaboration with Rodgers & Co serves as a testament to the potential unlocked when expertise merges with a human touch. With a thriving business, empowered by the strategic partnership with Rodgers & Co, Amanda continues to shape the landscape of property management, driven by a dedication to her craft and a commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients.

Rodgers & Co


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Meet us for a coffee so we can discuss how we can help you!