Food and Beverage Manufacturing contributes to over 15% of NZ’s GDP and Rodgers & Co recognise the importance of food in the ever growing world population.

We understand the margins, key cost considerations, and financial implications of supplying to the various corporates such as Progressive and Foodstuffs down to smaller corporates in the industry.

Our understanding of the different accounting systems in the food manufacturing industry and in key specialised areas to ensure the system works for the individual business. We also know the importance of quality and safety and the financial impact of various outcomes, with assistance in planning for new product development, from investment through to future profits, return and risk.

We participate on advisory boards, and add significant value in such a fast paced and ever changing industry, from strategy through to execution of plans and ongoing advice.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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Meet us for a coffee so we can discuss how we can help you!

Meet us for a coffee so we can discuss how we can help you!