Compass Advisory Boards were created by Rodgers & Co to create strategic direction for small to medium businesses, and clearly establish what you are trying to achieve. Defining a purpose is imperative to a successful advisory board experience. We identify which area of the business may benefit from external support and aim to include external advisors where possible such as banking or insurance.

The purpose is one of a strategic nature with governance forming a large part. Governance is a concept underutilised in the SME space and with governance we bring risk management, strategic direction and accountability.

A member of Rodgers & Co will chair the meeting and create the direction and accountabilities to achieve the purpose defined at the start.

The compass advisory board is a fixed monthly fee to include all of the advisory board services and comes in many different levels to suit the specific business needs

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Compass Advisory Board

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Meet us for a coffee so we can discuss how we can help you!

Meet us for a coffee so we can discuss how we can help you!